How to Choose the Best Movie Download Site

A guide about which features to look for when choosing a membership-site for downloading movies, music, games and TV shows.

1. A large selection

Whether you are after mainly movies, music or games you need to check that the provider you are considering offers a wide range and has a commitment to continually expanding their selections.

2. Fast download speed

Once you have selected your file you want to be able to play it fast so check out the transfer speeds they are offering. Many sites require an extra payment for premium download speed while others have this included in their membership prices, this is worth checking out, as you don’t want to be waiting forever for files to download.

3. DVD quality movies and videos

There’s nothing worse than waiting expectantly for your movie file to download only to realize once it is completed that the visuals or sound quality is poor. If you are paying to access movies through a download site you should expect top quality so make sure your prospective site guarantees DVD quality.

4. Good technical support and tutorials

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Sometimes it takes a while to get used to a new site therefore you should be able to contact a friendly and efficient technical support team with any questions you may have. Whether help is offered through email or by phone you should be looking for a site that offers instant assistance or promises very fast replies to inquiries. Many sites also offer how-to guides for getting started and online tutorials that explain using different features. These can be very helpful even for those that consider themselves to be relatively computer savvy so look out for these features too.

5. Unlimited downloads

We are all looking for the best value for our money so unless you are definite you are only wanting to access a few files, look for a site which offers a membership which includes unlimited downloads. This way you can look to build up your own collection and not be limited by restrictions on download numbers.

6. Cost

Check out a few sites when considering your download site and compare the prices for the options and features offered. The top movie download sites are all relatively similar in prices so beware of any over priced or extremely cheap sites as they may be compromising important features or look to bill you separately for required add-on options.

7. Mobile device compatibility i.e iPod, PSP etc

It is important that you are not limited in your use of downloaded files so confirm your chosen site offers files that are compatible on a number of mobile devices. This is becoming another standard feature offered by the top sites so insist on it when deciding which site to go with.

8. Ability to burn to CD or DVD

Again you don’t want to limit you viewing or listening options to solely from your computer so ensure files can be burnt to CD and DVD to increase your playback options.

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