How to Reduce Your Resourcing Costs for Your Projects

When a part of a firm that employs more than 300 resources, who are spread out in Sydney, New York, London, Mumbai and Hong Kong, you know that it will be more than difficult to minimize your resourcing costs while maintaining high levels of efficiency. For example, you are a project manager that requires a resource for a project that you have just been assigned and need a resource that fits your skill and availability requirements. However due to a lack of visibility of any resources outside of your local vicinity, you end up hiring an extra permanent employee to conduct the project work, which in turn, ends up being an unnecessary additional resourcing cost and a waste of an already existent resource that could have been utilized. In a similar situation, you might end up booking either an under or overqualified resource in your existing pool which could either sacrifice the quality of the project work or prove detrimental to your resourcing expenses.

Another issue that arises is the ability to forecast and accurately match future resource demand to supply. For example, several projects are lined up for the company in the coming three to four months’, requiring you to book tentative resources onto them. This means you have to accurately make sure there are the right number of resources for the job and more importantly the right type of resource. If forecasted poorly, managers may end up hiring extra resources to cover the supposed resourcing gap, despite their being a pool of available and appropriately qualified employees. This could prove to be another preventable assault on resourcing costs if the right solution were applied. This problem could pose in a different angle as well. Managers may also hire extra resources for a large project instead of implementing the more plausible solution of spreading out the work over a wider time frame, which would result due to poor forecasting visibility.

The question is: how can you minimize your resourcing costs? resource management services A strong resource scheduling software is an integral component of optimum efficiency. By effectively managing resources across the board, it’s possible to allocate resources properly and overcome many resourcing cost based challenges.

Reduce Cost by Creating Visibility of Resources and Work across the Organization
To achieve superior results you need to have the ability to have complete visualization of your entire resource pool. This will provide you the resources skills, qualifications, location, availability and other detailed relevant information for your booking purposes, helping you to avoid any unnecessary hiring and hence extra costs. By having a birds-eye view of your resources selection becomes an easier process, despite several holding factors, saving you time and expenditure in launching the project.

Reduce Cost by Selecting the Right Resource for the Right Job
When choosing a resource with the right level of qualifications and skills, it’s necessary to select a solution that has the ability to find the right resource for the right job. This means being able to single out a resource due to its accurately required skills without the necessity of to hire any more people. This helps in sifting out any bookings of overqualified people onto low skilled jobs, in-turn saving any type of extra burden cost.

Accurately Forecast Future Resource Demand
Having the ability to tentatively book suitable and available resources onto tentative projects at a period beforehand is essential for reducing resourcing costs. Functionalities such as analytical charts and graphs and detailed resource profiles can inform you of availability and job suitability respectively, filling in any apparent resource gap and avoiding any preventable resourcing costs.

You would also need the forecasting ability that gives you the flexibility to spread out your project work. With accurate fore-site, you should have the visibility to spread the work load into calmer time frames, once again stopping you from extra hiring and reducing your company expenditure. This can be easily achieved with a drag and drop functionality.

So is such a software solution available? One such software is Saviom Resource Management Software, which is able to solve these costs, based issues and minimize expenditure. Saviom is able to achieve visibility, find the right resource for the right job and forecast future demand and supply of your resources giving firms greater output and reducing overhead labor costs. Users of this software have seen significant improvements in the satisfaction, productivity and empowerment of its staff and customers.

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