Laser Marking System

Now a day it has found out many types of modern machines and techniques for marking on metal surfaces and joining of metal components. Laser marking system is such a new technique widely used for marking process in almost every industry. The laser marking is the method of marking or makes identification sign on soft and hard metals. It is quite easy to mark on metal surfaces and on carbides too. These marking systems are worked on the basics that with laser technology. This convenient method of marking using laser technology uses laser beams to make a mark on metal surfaces. As we know that laser beams are high enough to penetrate all surfaces and so it may cause many problems to human eye and health. Because of this drawback while working with these marking machines or with laser technology care should be taken to avoid health risks. Now a day almost every engineering and manufacturing industry is using this technique to print the brand mark or their company seal on every products which they being produced from.

Laser marking machines are extremely fast and Best laser engraver accurate marking machines that could provide a well marking solution. Many branded manufactures are offering a wide range of laser marking machines with having a superior metal engraving quality and spacious working area. Similar to laser marking machines pad printing is widely used in all industries for printing purpose from a 2diamensionall images to a 3dimanession form. In pad printing it uses a flexible silicon rubber pad plate to pick up an image form to another form. Pad printing services are obviously the main method accomplished in printing process. This method uses an indirect printing process to transfer a 2 dimensional image form a printing plate by using a silicon pad in to a 3 dimensional form. The silicon pad used for this process are capable of picking an image form a flat 2 dimensional plane and transfer the image in to a number of different type surfaces including cylindrical, concave surfaces, convex surfaces, spherical and in to a flat surface too.

Welding is the method of joining two metal bodies or metal parts together with using a beam of light. Ultrasonic welding is a welding technique that it uses high frequency ultrasonic light beams to create a solid state welding of two dissimilar materials. It is most commonly being adopted in welding together plastic materials. The ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are applied to work pieces under high pressure and to make welding the particular product or metal. When using ultrasonic welding machines to join two dissimilar materials there is no need to use any other type’s connective materials such as a connecting bolt, soldering ion or materials, nails or other adhesive materials etc. Automation Systems are computerized and electronically working systems which used in industries to control machines, processes and procedures. The automation systems are more helpful to provide a customizable solution for the complete system integration and an optimal help to all engineering solutions.

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