Why you should Never Use Sex to Attract Your boyfriend – You can’t Keep Him

There is a very logical reason why you should never use sex to attract your boyfriend. Unfortunately, a large number of girls make the mistake of using their bodies to attract their boyfriends, in an effort to keep them from leaving them. Sadly, these are the very girls who end up losing their guys in a hurry. You will hear hundreds of stories of how the guy was always behind her, but then left her as soon as she went to bed with him.

When a girl attracts a guy with her body, what is the guy really going after? The guy has just found a way to satisfy his sexual hunger. He is not really Mcleodganj escorts after the girl as she stupidly assumes. He just wants to satisfy his craving for some flesh. Just think about this for a moment. If there is a chicken that goes around claiming that it is the tastiest chicken in town, guess what is going to become of it? Before you know it, the chicken will become history! Is there any benefit to the chicken that it is the tastiest in town? People are going to enjoy the chicken, but the chicken itself has no benefit in that. A girl who uses sex to attract guys will suffer a similar fate.

When a girl uses sex as bait, she will always end up attracting the wrong kind of crowd. She will be turning herself into something like a fast food restaurant. A guy will come in hungry, eat to his heart’s content, burp and then leave in a hurry. He might come back occasionally if he is hungry and has nowhere else to go. But if he is the ‘hungry’ type, he will know a lot of nice restaurants around town. You can’t keep him from eating out. New restaurants offering new dishes will keep cropping up every now and then. You simply can’t keep competing with them forever.

The only way to keep a man from losing interest in you is to keep your body a ‘mystery’ to him until he makes a commitment to never leave you. That commitment is called marriage. If a guy cannot wait to have sex until you are married to him, don’t ever trust him – he is looking for fast food. If he says he will leave you if you don’t have sex with him, just open the door and ask him to leave. You don’t need such a guy who wants only your body and cannot respect you for who you are. Dump him as quickly as possible before you change your mind. You will be saving yourself a lot of trouble and heart ache in life.

Just look at the most beautiful celebrities of this generation. Most of them couldn’t keep their mates from dumping them despite their gorgeous looks. What makes you think you can keep your guy using your body as bait. Instead, wait for the right guy who can wait to have sex until after you are securely united in marriage with him. Only such a guy will really respect you and also relish having sex with you. Pleasure that is postponed is always more intense. Use it effectively to your advantage.

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